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A Little About Me

I have been sewing all of my life, learning through elbow-rubbing osmosis from my mother and my grandmother.  My grandmother taught me at a very early age that the backside of any needle-project is just as important as the front.  This was my introduction to precision.

After a childhood of making doll-clothes, moving on to hippy-style garments and home dec, then to hand-knit bathing suits(seriously!), I completed my first quilt top in 1970 at college. 

I dabbled in quilting as I focused on career and family.  In 1990 I joined the 'new-age' quilting movement . . . the world of rotary cutting and variety fabrics.  Machine quilting soon became very popular, although still not totally accepted by the purists.  I loved free motion quilting with my Bernina 1090.  I soon began to teach, and taught hundreds of quilters about breaking rules, putting ownership in their quilts, and finding confidence and familiarity with their domestic machines. 

I was blessed to have some very wonderful professional friends and found myself in the teaching/traveling circuit. My light-hearted style was that of teaching enough so that the serious quilter could and would bend her own rules.  I was unfortunately sidelined in 2001 with a personal tragedy.

I found solace in my creativity.  I had always walked down 'the other road' when it came to quilting rules and I was ready to go down even more roads.  At the urging of my dearest friends(with ulterior motives!), I purchased the long-arm machine that I had said scores of times I WOULD NEVER HAVE!  I have an HQ 24" Fusion named Ethel, and still occasionally have quilting dates with my Beloved Bernina. 

I don't have a computer for my machine and have no interest in that avenue, as my joy lies in creating through discovery.  I work with a 'hands-on' approach.  Each quilt typically speaks to me and I follow that lead.  I love the humor in life and enjoy incorporating that into my quilts. 

You have invested a great deal of emotion, money and time into your quilt.  I would love to sit down and chat with you about finishing your project in a unique style, making your quilt one of a kind. 

I hope that you enjoy the quilting journey as much as I do.  Whether your journey is just piecing the top or finding true joy in the actual quilting, I hope that you challenge yourself to create something that speaks to you and is uniquely yours.

Blessings...   Phidge Howe

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